Salt & Peppery


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Salt & Peppery

Our perfect blend of Salt, Mixed Peppercorns & Mushroom for that ultimate Umami taste!

Salt & Peppery might sound a bit boring and bland next to our other mixes, but in the house we use this in everything! With a blend of six different peppers and oyster and shiitake mushroom this really will become your go to everyday seasoning!

Try with;

Chicken – Chips – Tofu – Eggs – Cheese on Toast – Roasties – Soups – Stews

Also available in a handy pinch pot travel tin. See Hampers & Gifts.

Ingredients; Maldon Sea Salt 80%, Oyster Mushroom 7%, Mixed Peppercorns 7% (Black, White, Green, Pink, Allspice), Shiitake Mushroom 3%, Sichun Pepper 3%.

Net Weight 30g